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The Moon Is Bread

The Moon Is Bread

55.00 ₪מחיר

"The child ran forward and then hesitated, as someone afraid of clutching hold of reality for fear that it might shatter the dream. I heard her mother whisper to her, 'Aizuch,' and I saw the child gather strength from the courage of her people and walk proudly into this strange new world."

The strange new world is Israel, the child is one of the many Ethiopian immigrants to arrive here during the last two decades. This book is the true story of one of those immgrants: Abren Erdani, otherwise known as 'Zafan' - the singer. The story covers his childhood in Ethiopia, and how as a young man he left his village home in Gonder to make the perilous journey on foot to Sudan. His capture and imprisonment did not deter him and with great determination and courage he fulfilled the dream of generations before him: to reach Jerusalem. 

But would the reality of Israel be equal to that dream? And what would happen to the family he left behind? The author, who married Zafan in Israel, reveals his truly remarkable story. (published by Gefen, out of print). 

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